SEO – Search Engine Optimization or is another term you hear all the time when it comes to online marketing. How do you know if it works and how do you measure success?

Let’s start with some basics:

So, judging by the above, you can tell that SEO is an important aspect for anyone’s business – if they want to be found online. And isn’t that the whole point?

To help you get started, here are a few questions:

These questions help us help you. Working with an expert in SEO means you give them those answers, and they execute. So when someone searches for a plumber, instead of the other guys, you’re showing up based on the fact that you’re closer to the client, your website hits all the points he’s looking for and you’re optimized for the search engine to ensure that it’s easy to navigate to be.


SEO benefits

How does SEO benefit for your business?

SEO is one of the basic components of digital marketing, but it is immensely powerful. It can also include things like user experience and user interface design, alongside other aspects that determine how polished and trustworthy a website may be. The classic components of SEO include using popular search terms, coherent syntax, and a human style of speaking, free of errors and organized well with subheadings, lists, or other proper formatting.

Your SEO Takeaways

We’ve taken note of these takeaways from Nextiny. It’s a good advice NOT to underestimate your old, outdated website. Rather, it is best to optimize it to take advantage of the authority you do have.

Think about these steps to do.
-Fix onsite SEO issues to make sure you’re not hurting your awesome content.
-Think value add first and then optimize content for search.
-Focus on measuring the efforts that influence your overall business goals.
-Establish and maintain your local presence with Google My Business.
-Build real relationships with people in your industry and leverage that to help
gain industry authority.

As part of a tailored package, or on its own, SEO is a crucial component to anyone that wants to ensure their online success. Whether you’re a 6 figure per month e-commerce brand, or a one-man army in the trades looking to get more clients without always being on the road, SEO can give you the tools to get found.

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