Amazon Optimization Package



Take your product to the top of Amazon Marketplace. By using product photography designed for conversion, high converting copywriting and overall SEO optimization your product will be at the top of the largest marketplace in the world.

  1. Product Photograpy – We start with your product, and photograph until we have the perfect shot: Fully compliant with Amazon standards and designed to sell, your product will triple optimized for maximum conversion.
    • Lifestyle Photography – Showcase your product in action! Using lifestyle photography, viewers can visualize themselves enjoying your product. The goal is to capture the exact moment when your product benefits are being enjoyed and to inspire viewers to purchase your product to get those same benefits.
      Lifestyle photography will set you apart from the competition. Stock photos are not genuine or unique, and showcasing your product in action emotionally resonates with the viewer.
    • Infographic Images – Use infographs to effectively highlight the key benefits of your product. Easy to read graphics is the best way to ensure that your readers pick you over your competition.
      Communicate key features and benefits using large text and readable graphics, and capture your audience at the front page.
  2. Optimized Product Description –


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