Digital Advertising- What You Need To Know

Digital Advertising encompasses Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google, as well as other lesser-known platforms including “Native” ads.

Adspend, ROAS, CPC, CPM, what do these words mean? Why do they matter? Why must we pay so much to simply get out there?

Why bother with digital advertising at all? Well here’s two very simple reasons:

What Digital Advertising is All About

Digital advertising is a strategy that uses existing parameters from your audiences, such as their demographics, likes, and interests, and pushes your ad content to that platform. Your Cost per Click, or cost per thousand impressions, are indicators of how much you’re paying to compete with other digital advertisers out there. The more crowded space is, the higher the price per click and impression (an impression is when your ad pops up in front of someone. It’s the first step of pushing ad content).

Advertising the digital way is a new era. Compare this with old styles of advertising:

Digital Advertising

Embracing the New Way to Advertising

To put it in perspective, classic advertising isn’t “Smart”. You put out your content, you pay for the placement, and hope business comes. This style is dead. It doesn’t work, because people aren’t looking up anymore. They’re looking down, at their phones.

The best part of digital advertising? You’re not competing. Sure, you are competing for price per click or impression, but you already have your platform and your audience, and you get LIVE analytics. You know what that person that viewed your ad is reading next, and what they read just before. We can tell that your advertisement is working or not, and we can tell that halfway through the ad cycle and be sure not to waste money. If we see ads going out with no hits or sales on your site, we simply pause, rework and implement new strategies, and launch again. It’s efficient, tactful, and far-reaching.

Don’t Think Twice, Embrace It!

Imagine the old days, you’re wanting to sell something to, I dunno let’s say Germany. What would you do? Call importers? Buy ads in places you can’t even visit?

Now, what do you do? You set the location on your ad. That’s it. No paying a middle man, you advertise as you would at home and BOOM foreign buyers are at your doorstep.

Ads are tricky, but so is everything valuable in life. Your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) is a live measure that determines if your ad strategy is working. Your adspends, what you’re spending on ads, will vary, but at least you know what works and what doesn’t.

Personally, I’ve watched so much money just dwindle away due to poor management or poor parameters. I personally saw $2,500 disappear in a week. Imagine my frustration when only after it was done was the team ready to make some changes to the advertisement landing page. I thought WHAT? Why didn’t we see this coming? Couldn’t we tell that something wasn’t working?

We Can Help You Do Digital Advertising the Smart Way

Well, life is about learning. At Idea Park, we work with you to make sure you get the best results because we know what’s out there. What works and what doesn’t, and our team will make sure you see every piece of work being done for you at every step of the way.