The Internet indeed opened a wide array of online opportunities to millions of users around the world, especially for entrepreneurs. The idea that online businesses can reach potential customers from around the world is enticing enough to start one. Aside from the luxury of being financially independent, having to control your own time is one of the many advantages of online businesses. In fact, online spending as of 2020 increased by 77% year-over-year. With online sales at an all-time increase, it is the perfect time to start your online business venture.

However, with its accessibility, many entrepreneurs do not know where to begin. In fact, the first step in starting a profitable online business is to match your business ideas to your skills and strengths. Identifying your skills and strengths will narrow down the possible online business that best fit your business ideas. With minimal start-up costs, here is a list of the best online businesses you can start today!

SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant

Search engine optimization helps businesses transform and increase traffic on websites. SEO consultants are in demand in the online industry since algorithms in search engines like google change every time.  If you have the knowledge about search engines and platforms like google analytics, start your business venture as an SEO consultant and educate small businesses on the importance of gaining web traffic. 

Online Business as Social Media Consultant

Social Media Consultant

Social media being the new marketing tool to businesses and services, not many business owners know how to develop a social media presence that can entice potential customers. Moreover, with the amount of workload business owners have, it is impossible to create an impressive social media profile. Hence, as a social media consultant, you can help market businesses through content creation, profile management, posting schedules, which will boost their social media presence and increase their potential customers. 

E-commerce retailing

E-commerce Retailing or Online Selling

Whether you have an eye for fashion, saleable items, or passionate about retailing, an online retailing business is perfect for you. As they say, there is an audience for everything, you just have to look for the perfect online site to market your products. There are tons of online store websites where you can start your online retailing business where you can eventually expand and create your own brand. 

Software and App developer

Software and App Developer

Freelancing as a software and app developer can be taken to the next level. Software and app developers are hired for all sorts of services like deliveries, online games, and many more. Unlike typical free-lancing, this time you can sell your own design and make a profit through advertisements which can get you noticed by bigger companies. Although this is not as easy as free-lancing, making sure that there’s a market for the product you’re creating would profit you more than what you make as a free-lancer.  

Online businesses you can do

Web developing and designing

If creativity is one of your skills, then web developing and designing is the perfect online business for you. An impressive and enticing web design can potentially gain web traffic and revenue. Aside from selling your own designs and add ons, a web development and design business can help other businesses too in branding their products and services. Design preference changes over time, hence, other businesses would need experts in developing and designing their own websites. 

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